Each presentation cannot exceed beyond 5 minutes. If your presentation takes more than 5 minutes, you will be asked to stop the presentation at 5 minute mark. There will be 1 minute for Q/A.

Title Team Members
Analysis of Traffic Violations Johnathan Whitmer, Donald Dole, Maxwell Bach, Zizhao Hu
Predicting Graduate Admissions Michael Namwoo Cho, Kenneth Bassett, Seong Hwan Park
Predicting and Visualizing Correlates of Animal Adoptability Josh Bishop, Vishnu Tanguturi, Sheng Zhang
Identification of Cybersecurity Threats Using Ensemble Learning Sara Branham, Caroline Repke
Density Clustering versus K-means Austin Bryan, Emma Horsma, Zachary Stiles
Political Alignment Analysis in 140 Characters Jessica Buzzelli, Jarad Hosking, Aakanksha Patil
Predicting MARTA Departure Delays Alicia Caughman and Matthew Houghton
Automated Condition Analysis of Roads Joel Stansbury, Austin Redick, Anna Shonia, Claire Chan
Determining Myers-Briggs Personality Types Based on Tweets Christine Cristobal, Harrison Delecki, Alexis Fuller, Phuridej Jaitrong
Predicting Wikipedia Vandalism Based on Textual and Non-textual Features Ankita Das, Xinjing Xu
Regression on Million Song Dataset for Determining Song Release Year Samantha Daugherty, Kartik Kothari, and Alex Lehman