Each presentation cannot exceed beyond 5 minutes. If your presentation takes more than 5 minutes, you will be asked to stop the presentation at 5 minute mark. There will be 1 minute for Q/A.

Title Team Members
Evaluating Candidate Stars for Exoplanets Souji Duggirala, Diego Granizo, Katie Wah, Karthik Yadavalli
Redrawing America's Congressional Districts with Clustering Grant Champagne, Alex Dunn, Katharina Loske, Enoch Kumala
Predicting Credit Card Default with Machine Learning Andrew Granger, Riley Martin, Vishesh Ramesh, Jacob Ward
Airbnb Revenue Management Rohan Manathkar, Charles McCartha, Noelle Rajiv, Rohil Shah
E-commerce Customer Classification and Retail Analysis Yihua Xu, Jingyi Zhang and Ananya Ghose
Predicting stock market prices of the S&P500 using neural networks and machine learning Trevor Kelly, Ayo Yoyin, Susan Flores, Sandeep Bethapudi
Hierarchical Clustering of Images Rachel Vancea, Hannah Price
Black Friday Sales Analysis Hannah Arents, Wataru Tamura, Gideon Yuwono, Sophia De Andrade
The Development of the MLB Draft Jose Munoz Elizondo, Nick Williams, Lauren Boddiford
Economic Behavior vs. Spotify Trends Ariana Calvache, Malaikatu Kargbo, Daniella Noronha